Experiential simulations
for business education

Experiential simulations for business education

According to several studies, over 80% of acquired knowledge fades away unless it is applied in practice. Implementing simulations ensures not only a significant improvement of the assimilation of knowledge, but is also an unforgettable experience that differs from the regular sessions or business cases.

More complex simulations, competitive multiplayer ones that can last several hours or days, can become a crucial component for interactive group dynamics and unlock important insights on players profile, abilities and team work.

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Beer Game: Supply Chain Simulation

Our version of the legendary simulation game from the 60s used in teaching environments to demonstrate a number of key principles of supply chain management. Co-developed with IESE Business School. Revamped to become a real time, interactive multiplayer experience, perfect for graduates and executive education programs.

Millennials Bank: AI Simulation

Millennials Bank is an artificial intelligence simulation for business managers, and is perfect for graduate, post-graduate and executive education programs. Co-developed with IESE, designed by Javier Zamora, includes a personal assessment with his FATE framework.

Doughnut Truck

Innovative simulation with a simple interface to guarantee complete focus on the problem at hand, the newsvendor problem. Get your students to manage a doughnut truck with perishable goods and daily demand forecasting.

Entrepreneurship Simulation

Capstone simulation where the player takes the role of an entrepreneur in the early stage of a venture. Build a team, create a product and get validation from potential clients and investors. This simulation is perfect to verify the focus, sharpness of mind and quickness in product development and B2B sales funnel.

Marketing Strategy Simulation

A competitive simulation, perfect to assess group dynamics in graduate and post-graduate courses, as well as determine decision-making processes of the players. Students need to make a number of decisions in marketing, product and R&D areas, in order to achieve a better performance than the competing players, gain market share and increase profits.

Pearson Cosmetics

Interactive simulation in which students get in charge of the Pearson Cosmetics company to manage purchasing, manufacturing, sales and finance. Co-developed with IESE Business School, designed by prof. Jaume Ribera, the simulation contains multiple learning points, such as profitability, customer satisfaction, market share, manufacturing productivity, capital expenditure allocation, and others.