Lake Como

A sustainability simulation

Lake Como is a sustainability simulation for business eduction, perfect for graduate, post-graduate and executive education programs.

Highly configurable

This business simulation has been designed by Joaquim Virgili as a highly configurable experience, so that instructors can finetune it to suit their personal teaching style.

Tragedy of the commons

In our competitive world some scenarios require unorthodox solutions, which the students will have to agree on a case of the tragedy of the commons, main learning objective of this simulation.

Lake Como is a premier sustainability simulation designed for contemporary business education. Ideal for graduate, post-graduate, and executive education programs, this simulation offers a profound journey into the world of sustainable business practices. Created by our founder, Joaquim Virgili, the Lake Como simulation has been fashioned as a highly configurable experience, allowing instructors the flexibility to tailor it to their unique teaching methods.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Deepen understanding of sustainability and its implications for modern business operations.
  • Cultivate decision-making skills to address complex scenarios and devise sustainable business solutions.
  • Engage in collaborative problem-solving, especially in situations mirroring the tragedy of the commons.
  • Harness insights from comprehensive debriefing sessions to foster ongoing learning and sustainable business strategies.

Lake Como immerses participants in real-world sustainability challenges. Through interactive scenarios, students grapple with the tragedy of the commons, where individual interests clash with collective well-being. The core objective is to strategize sustainable solutions, taking into consideration competing interests, resource constraints, and the need for collaborative consensus.

With a user-centric design, the simulation offers instructors a highly configurable interface. This adaptability ensures that the learning experience aligns with diverse teaching methodologies. As participants delve into the simulation, they are encouraged to think out-of-the-box and negotiate unorthodox solutions. Post-simulation debriefing sessions are instrumental in drawing lessons and solidifying the understanding of sustainability concepts.

  • A prime simulation focusing on the challenges of sustainability in business.
  • Designed by the distinguished Joaquim Virgili, guaranteeing a blend of academic excellence and real-world relevance.
  • A highly configurable interface, empowering instructors to fine-tune the experience as per their teaching style.
  • Engaging scenarios that demand innovative solutions, fostering a deeper understanding of the tragedy of the commons.

The Lake Como sustainability simulation is more than just a learning tool—it's an invitation to step into the future of business. By participating, learners are not only equipped with a comprehensive understanding of sustainable business practices but are also inspired to be change-makers in their respective domains. Embrace the future with Lake Como and mold leaders who prioritize sustainability in every business decision.

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